The iBowen App is a valuable research tool for the public and for Bowen practitioners. It is a directory of Bowen practitioners, organized by language and country. It is also a geolocation tool to find the geographic location of all Bowen practitioners in the world. iBowen has no political influences, allowing everyone who has learned the technique to be published, regardless their political affiliation.

The iBowen App is exclusively a research tool for Bowen Practitioners. Because of the large number of Bowen schools in numerous countries in the world, iBowen cannot guarantee the uniformity of the Bowen training. To help the public understand the different trainings, iBowen proposes a short description of different schools throughout the world.

And to better understand the Bowen therapy, it is possible to read or download from the App the Bowen literature available today, in various languages.

This website complements the app. New functionalities are currently being developed to better serve the public and the Bowen practitioners.

The Bowen therapy does not aim to “treat” specific conditions, but rather to stimulate the human body to activate its own healing mechanisms.

In no instances are Bowen practitioners authorized to provide diagnoses; clients must consult their doctor to have their condition evaluated.

The Bowen practitioners should never interfere with prescribed medical treatments.

Louise Tremblay

international Bowen and Niromathé instructor



The iBowen App is a most valuable research tool for the public and for the Bowen practitioners. It is the most complete directory of Bowen practitioners, organized by language and country.



The Bowen Technique is a neuromuscular reflexo-therapy. Like other reflex therapies, the role of the spindle cells and other receptors of the skin, fascia, muscles and joints is primordial.



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The Bowen Technique is a neuromuscular reflexo-therapy.

Like other reflex therapies, the role of the spindle cells and other receptors of the skin, fascia, muscles and joints is primordial. A major difference, which allows a better integration of the information and brings lasting results is the pause, the somatosensory integration time, absolutely necessary and present between each sequences of Bowen moves. The quality and precision of the work makes the difference in the results. The Bowen technique is a hands-on, holistic method which consists of very gentle challenges to the muscles and soft tissues; it produces astonishing results, considering the delicateness of the care from the practitioner.


In order to maximize the benefits of the Bowen treatment, it is imperative to respect certain working guidelines.

External Influences

Calmness of the surroundings is of utmost consideration. Outside influences, such as background noise, music (even the softest), the scent of incense or of essential oils, are all elements that lessen the effects of the treatment. In warm weather a light sheet can be used as a drape, while in cooler weather a flannel covering is appropriate.

Appropriate Clothing

The Bowen technique is best practiced by direct contact to the skin. However, experienced practitioners can just as easily work through light, loose-fitting clothing.

The Interview

Even though Bowen practitioners are not authorized to provide diagnoses, they will nevertheless inquire about their client’s state of general health and take note of their medical history, as well as the reasons for the treatment session. When in doubt, the therapist will suggest that the client consults with a medical doctor for an evaluation of their state of health.

The Session Itself

The Bowen technique uses approximately forty different regular moves, each targeting a particular joint or area. In addition, there are also more than forty specialized procedures. During the first session with a client, the therapist will often choose to perform the basic procedures. It is imperative to remember that the less that is done, the more effective the treatment. Each treatment session lasts between 45 to 90 minutes and requires only a limited number of procedures.


Liz Corbett practices Bowen since ten years in Acton, Ontario. She shares a story that illustrates how the vicious cycle of pain and stress is broken with Bowen treatment:

As the result of a fall, I suffered an injury to the muscles in my lower back. I found myself in constant pain. This made working even more stressful than before. The physical demands of my job used up all of my energy. I was unable to go on my daily walks. After almost 8 weeks the level of pain had not decreased at all.

Fortunately for me I ran into Liz Corbett. That meeting changed my life. Liz booked me in for a Bowen Therapy session. After Liz worked on me I could actually stand up straight and walk without pain. It was wonderful! Being very careful to follow Liz’s instructions I went back to work. The pain had started to decrease but it was still there. Approximately two weeks later I met with Liz for another session. I felt so much better after that appointment. Again, I noticed a shift in the level of pain. As I began to feel better I noticed a pattern emerging. The pain lessened considerably when I was away from the stress and negativity of my work environment.

Recently I was offered a new job with another employer. The day I handed in my resignation I noticed a huge difference in my pain levels. Each day the pain decreased. In the span of one week I was pain free. I am so very grateful to Liz for helping my body to release the pain.

Thank you Liz, from the bottom of my heart. You have supported me and helped me to be able to live an active life again.

With sincere gratitude and thanks!
~ Wendy Klatt ~

Liz Corbett, Erin, On, Canada
+1 905-877-2048


Thomas Ambrose Bowen was born in Australia in 1916. In the early 50’s, he noticed that his wife’s asthma attacks, which often required hospitalization, varied significantly in accordance with her nutrition. After years of a sound diet, and the soft tissue manipulations which he had perfected over time to alleviate her suffering, Jessie no longer needed drugs or hospitalization.

During this period, he met with Ernie Saunders, a renowned manual therapist. This collaboration marked a turning point in his life. Over the course of his numerous meetings with Saunders, Bowen developed treatment techniques that would later bear his name. Self-taught, Bowen studied anatomy and, step by step, experimented constantly; he developed a unique method that allowed him to treat different types of pain and general ailments.

Tom Bowen was inspired by the principle that the body has the ability to “self-regulate.” To him, the ideal therapeutic technique was one that would stimulate the system to rebalance the malfunctions resulting from tissue disruption. He incorporated the underlying principles that structure governs function and that everything is interconnected. Therefore, the disruption of any one tissue disrupts the function of the entire system.


The Bowen technique does not aim to “treat” specific conditions, but rather to stimulate the human body to activate its own healing mechanisms.

The following list is drawn from statements made by Bowen clients who have found relief from their ailments as diagnosed by medical doctors.

  • Faster recovery from illness, operation or injury (whether recent or in the past).
  • Acute or chronic musculoskeletal disorders, whether post traumatic, post surgical or arthritic, with loss of mobility and/or muscular spasms.
  • Sports injuries: ankles; knees; sprains; muscle strains; tennis elbow.
  • Pelvic problems: hip pain; leg length discrepancy; tension in pelvic muscles
  • Shoulder problems: pain in the shoulders or upper limbs; numbness in the arms or hands; frozen shoulder; repetitive strain injuries.
  • Neck problems: stiffness in or restricted mobility of the neck; resulting from an accident or poor posture.
  • Pain in the coccyx, resulting from a fall or childbirth.
  • Headaches and/or migraines, resulting from stress, tension, poor posture or digestion.
  • Pain or tension in the jaws.
  • Sciatic problems, whether recent or long lasting.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia.
  • Menstrual pains: irregular cycle; pre-menstrual syndrome; menopause and hot flashes.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Digestive problems: constipation; diarrhoea, bloating.
  • Hay fever, colds; flu; sinus congestion.
  • Water retention; kidney stones.


The « International Academy of the Contemporary Therapeutic Methods », AIMTC, is an institute accredited by the minister of Employement and Social development Canada.

Three therapies of the somesthesy are proposed to health professionals and manual therapists:

The Bowen Therapy
The Niromathé Training
Introduction to kinesiotaping

Students from many countries have studied with AIMTC. In the lists, the practitioner are identified if they have done at least the first three modules of training with AIMTC or one of the Hidden Pearls seminars

AIMCT is particularly concerned about the quality of the training and of the therapists issued from the program. To reach this quality, important changes have been made to the Bowen Training. This training is now slightly shorter but much more complete : AIMTC added very important notions of physiology and a biomechanical understanding of the sequences. This was possible by using the time optimaly and from of the experience of 15 years of teaching. New color manuals filled with anatomy images and neurophysiology explanations are proposed to the students.

Louise Tremblay, president of AIMTC


The Little Bowen Book

by Louise Tremblay.
available in 5 languages

The Little Bowen book gives everyone access to this neuromuscular technique which yields astonishing results. It is as useful to the client who wants to understand how a Bowen session proceeds and as it is to the practitioners who want to begin or perfect their training. Doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, sport therapists and other manual therapists trained in the Bowen method find it a gentle but very efficient technique that relieves people's ailments by activating the auto-regulation processes of the body, thereby stimulating the body to regain its original balance.


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