Privacy policy

28 May 2018 / by Louise Tremblay

We know that your personal data, and whom you share it with, is super important. So, we’re committed to treat them with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, and to server pass them on.

What information do we hold about you ?

When you ask information about our classes, or book to one of them, we add your name and email address to our database. That is all. We never keep any payment, credit card or bank account numbers : we do not use them.

How do we use your information ?

Your information allows us to update you with news of new classes that could interest you.

The iBowen App brings together all Bowen therapists in the world from all allegiance and allows the public to locate them. If you do not want to appear in the App, you have to tell us. You will also have the choice to continue receiving our emails, or not.

If you already receive our emails, we will continue to send them to you unless you ask us to stop. We promise never to overuse this privilege we have to reach you.

Your rights concerning your personal data :

When you receive emails from AIMTC (Bowen, Niromathé, DermoNeuroModulation) concerning our classes, you can choose to unsubscribe at any time. Please note that you may continue to receive our communications for a short period after changing your preferences while our systems are fully updated.

Here’s where we cover the information on what you need to know. We’ll happily take requests from you if you want to exercise your individual rights over your personal data. These rights are – :

  • - To be told about how your data is processed
  • - To access your data
  • - To stop or restrict certain processes
  • - To rectify incorrect information
  • - To ask us to delete certain information
  • - To port data (porting is just a fancy way to say ‘transferring data to another data controller in an easy-to-read manner’)
  • - To access information about profiling or automated decision-making
  • - To object to how we’re handling your personal data.
  • - To withdraw your consent at any time (in cases where we rely on your consent)

Because we know how important your personal data is to you, we do everything we can to respond to you in a timely fashion. Legally though, we have up to one calendar month from the date we get your request to reply to you (this deadline may be extended for very complex or large requests), as long as :

  • - You’ve given us any information we need to confirm your identity and given us clarity about the relevant personal data you’re requesting
  • - We’ve not already responded to an identical or similar request within a very short timeframe

Please bear in mind that if/when we get a request from you, we’ll need to balance your rights with the rules we have around processing your personal data. For legal reasons, we need to stick to the rules. If we can’t deal with your request, either in full or in part, we’ll explain our reasons clearly. To make it simple, we’ve set up one single point of contact for all your personal data queries. Please see the Contact Us section below if you need to get in touch.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

We like to stay on top of things, so the way we use your information may change. If it does, we’ll update our Privacy Policy. You can see the date we last updated it right at the very top. If there’s a significant change, we will notify you.

Contact us:

If you have any questions that haven’t been covered, please contact our info@ibowen.ca

- AIMTC operates under the names iBowen.ca, niromathe.ca, techniquebowen.com, aimtc.ca and dermoneuromodulation.fr and is domiciled 7701 Henri Julien, Montréal, QC, H2R 2B6, Canada.